10 Famous Athletes BUSTED For Cheating!

top 10 sports athletes who were caught cheating in surprising ways!
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We love sports. Yes, many of us have fond memories heading out after school, work or on the weekends to play a game of baseball, shoot some hoops or even play the front nine at a local golf course. If you don’t feel like playing then you, like millions upon millions of people, probably enjoy watching a variety of different sporting events – whether live or televised. In these instances, the action can be intense, the rivalries fierce and stress levels, even for a fan, extremely high. At the highest levels of competition the training, dedication and effort all come at 100%. Individual athletes and teams give their all to win trophies and titles because they know that failure often brings nothing but humiliation or even a shortened career.
As the stakes are so high in competitive sports, the athletes and teams will often go to great lengths to win – even if it means going outside the rules. In this case we should call it what it is – cheating. Over the last several years there have been some pretty high profile cheating cases across a range of sports. From football to cycling to motorsport, athletes everywhere have tried to gain an illegal advantage and been caught. Some cases of cheating shocked a nation, disgraced a sports hero or led to a massive overhaul of the sports event in question. In other cases, a darling of the sports world did their best to brush it all under the carpet in an effort to distance themselves from the allegations – but the fans will always remember.

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