Costly Celebrity Splits


$25 Million – Ivana and Donald Trump

Ivana was a high paid Czechoslovakian model when she met and married Donald Trump in 1977. She left her modeling career and started managing his hotels. She was amazing at managing properties and the business grew dramatically. Her compensation for managing these million dollar investments was “one dollar and all the dresses she could buy.” There was many rumors of Donald’s wandering eye and indiscretions. A media report that he was seeing a woman named Marla Maples was the final nail in the coffin of the Trump marriage. The couple took a very long time to settle their divorce because of ongoing questions about the net worth of their holdings. The Trump organization was having trouble in Atlantic City and New York real estate was on a downward trend at the time. In the end, Ivana received a cash settlement of approximately $14 Million and other assets for a grand total of about $25 Million. Donald married Marla Maples in 1993.

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