Women Who Took Revenge On Their Cheating Ex’s

You’re Full Of…..


Some creativity and planning. She found out her guy was cheating. She picked up her yellow bucket and went around collecting as much dog poop and human feces until her bucket was full. She broke his luxury cars driver side window and deposit the bucket’s contents inside the vehicle. I hope he got the message!


Moving On Up


Ending your marriage and moving out is tough when you’ve been cheated on. This wife figured out a way to reduce the number of questions she would have to answer. She also made sure that the husband’s reputation in the neighborhood was exactly what he deserved.


He Loved His Car


$116K Audi R8 V was the target of this woman’s revenge when she found out her husband was cheating. Lights, windshield, all exterior attachments removed, locks and handles destroyed. Then she focused on the interior and cut up the seats, destroyed the dashboard and the entire interior.

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