14 Gorgeous Celebrity Cougars And Their Much Younger Men


Cougar Alert!

Years ago, if a woman has a boyfriend way younger than her, she would be looked down upon. But these days, a couple with a few years difference in their ages is a normal thing. Older women know what they want. And sometimes, older man can’t keep up with them. An older woman who has kept herself active and vibrant should be applauded for finding a man that gives her what she wants.

Check out these cougars who dated young men and their age difference.


1: Jennifer Aniston and John Mayer: 8 Years

John Mayer didn’t complain about having Jen for a girlfriend, not even for the fact that there was an 8-year difference between their ages. Just look at how beautiful she is. Who would think she’s 47 already?


2: Cameron Diaz and Justin Timberlake: 8 Years

After dating Britney Spears and before marrying Jessica Biel, there was Cameron Diaz. They met and fell in love and the next three years were amazing. Then there was the breakup. Can you imagine Jessica Biel being grateful for that breakup?

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