17 Best Girlfriends Ever


You Won’t Believe What These Girls Did for Their Guys!

Some girls go above and beyond for their boyfriends!

They find amazing ways to cheer them up when they’re down.
In the following pages, you’ll find 17 of the best girlfriends ever!

These are some lucky, lucky guys!


The Perfect Girlfriend

nbtick2After her boyfriend lost his job he was really depressed. She surprised him with 2 tickets to his favorite NBA teams game. She told him to take his best friend because they both loved basketball. (Yep, go without her!) She gave him money for beer and something to eat.  And, they were floor seats. Amazing!


Long Distance Relationship

Jill met her boyfriend online. She was in Australia, he was in the USA. Over the next years, they only met in person on 2 separate tropical vacations. After finally finishing her Master’s degree (congratulations!) she flew to meet him in New York. He thought she was visiting. She brought everything she owned.

And stayed. (either an amazing girlfriend or a little scary!)

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