17 Best Girlfriends Ever

I Hung Up Some Pictures Honey!

Katie’s boyfriend was considering proposing. Then everything went wrong. A death in the family and an unexpected long business trip got in the way. When he finally returned home after a few weeks away he walked into the room decorated above. She had hung pictures of them from 50 green balloons and covered his bed with photos. The proposal happened right there, (he used a RingPop)


Want A Hummer?


Actor, comedian Akrobeto’s gets a surprise gift of a Hummer2 from his girlfriend.


Your Schedule?

Bill (from Tumblr) finally got a job. He really needs the work but this jobs schedule was a mess, and he usually only had 15-20 minute breaks and lunchtime. He thought it might strain and kill his relationship. His girlfriend was really understanding. She would make a picnic and come whenever he had a spare 20 minutes.

Night shift, day shift it didn’t matter.

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