20 Acting Partners Turned Real Life Lovers


Reel To Real: Getting Into Character?
Have you ever wanted an online couple to get together?

Have you ever wondered how they fake that amazing sexual chemistry?
The truth is a lot of on-screen couples end up dating in real life and some even make it all the way to the altar.


1. Dance Your Way to My Heart: Channing Tatum and Jenna Dewan Tatum
There would be a lot of screaming from fans if Channing and Jenna ever split up. Fortunately, they seem happy in each other’s arms, with their daughter, Everly. The two met in 2006 while filming Step Up. Their love danced its way to the aisle in 2009 and they’ve been dancing in love ever since. Just recently, Channing and Jenna went head to head on Lip Sync Battle. And then, their marriage ended…..

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