21 Celebrities Who Married MUCH Younger Girls

Young Enough To Be His Daughter!

A video of a 65-year-old man getting married to a 12-year-old girl in Times Square went viral recently. In the video, people who saw this situation reacted violently.

Turns out, it was only a social experiment, but this thing really happens in many parts of the world.
So what’s with old men dating and/or marrying girls young enough to be their daughter?

Is this a trend in Hollywood?

21. Mary-Kate Olsen and Olivier Sarkozy: 17 years

Mary-Kate is one-half of the famous Olsen twins; Olivier is a French banker, half-brother of the former President of France. They met and began dating in 2012, got engaged in 2014 and eventually got married in 2015.


20. Ryan Phillippe and Paulina Slagter: 17 years

Actor Ryan Phillippe dated Stanford law student Paulina Slagter in 2011 despite the 17-year difference. They were engaged in December 2015. This will be Phillippe’s second marriage; he was married to actress Reese Witherspoon for nine years and share custody of their children.

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