4 Ways To Win Back Your Ex

Couples break up and get back together all the time. It’s almost like the cycle of life. But sometimes there are those break ups that are final. It’s different, you’ve both changed, and you’re not willing to compromise for each other anymore.


Cue to the week after your break up – you’re feeling miserable, you can’t eat or sleep, and all you want to do is have your boyfriend back and cuddle with him. You’ve both made mistakes and you’re willing to try anything to win back your ex. Not to worry, we’ve got you covered.

  1. Be a better you
  • Whatever the reason for the break up, you want to improve yourself and your life.

  • If you were miserable in your relationship and had a negative outlook on everything, try to change your attitude to the positive. Smile and laugh more and know that you can still go on being independent.

  • Try getting a new haircut and whitening your teeth. Start hitting the gym and better your appearance. That way, when you do see you ex again, he’ll be so intrigued and wow’d by your appearance that he’ll want to see you again.

2. Make him miss you

  • Calling and texting your ex every day is a very bad idea. There’s a reason why you two broke up, and the last thing he wants to do is think about you.

  • Instead, try not to think about it and start trying to get over how you feel about him.

  • Go out for dinner with your girlfriends and start meeting new people.

  • Get some good distractions like hitting the gym and joining a club. This way, you’ll find yourself distracted and thinking less about your break up.

  • He’ll start to wonder how you’re doing without him and maybe even miss you being around.

3. Focus on moving on

  • It doesn’t help focusing on the past. Instead, try to move on from your ex.

  • Go out on dates with new guys even if you’re not interested in them. Dates gives you the reassurance that you can be wanted again, and you want this boost in your confidence.

  • Having new guys tell you how amazing you are will help you realize that you can move on from your ex and be a better person.

4. Start fresh

  • A lot of the time, people try to continue where their relationship left off. This is a bad idea because where your relationship left off is when you broke up.

  • You don’t want your ex to think of that time in their life because it’s full of sadness and misery.

  • Instead, start fresh and imagine that he’s a new guy that you just met.

  • When you start to get in contact again, be nonchalant and give out positive vibes.

  • Once he sees that you’re doing great, he’ll be attracted to the woman he first met.

It takes a lot of time and effort to try to win your ex back. Before you do it, ask yourself why you want him back. If it’s because you need him or can’t live without him, don’t try to win him back until you piece yourself together. If it’s because the break up was circumstantial or you see a future in your relationship, then try to better yourself, move on, and then start fresh again. A break up isn’t the end of the world, and a person’s mind can always be changed. Just make sure you’re doing it for the right reasons and that it will help benefit your life once again.

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