5 Reasons He Didn’t Call You

You meet a guy at a bar, he asks for your number, he takes you out on a date, and you agree to go on a second date.  The next day, you’re expecting a call or text message from him to plan your second date but no dice.  You don’t hear from him in the next couple of days, and after a week, you’re insanely questioning why he hasn’t called.

Well ladies, here are the most valid reasons to why he hasn’t called yet or won’t call you back.


1) He’s not looking for anything serious

The modern day culture of dating has changed drastically from traditional styles of dating.
Now, there’s terms like “friends with benefits”, “hook-up buddies”, “seeing each other”, and so on.
He might currently be looking for a “friends with benefits” situation, and the date you went on told him that you were looking for something more serious.
You’re looking for different things in a relationship, so he may have decided to just let this one go.
You can take this as a good sign – he probably thinks you’re too classy for being just a hook-up.
Maybe when he’s ready to start dating someone, he’ll call you again to ask you out.

2) The date didn’t go well

Sometimes dates go well for one person, but for the other, it was a complete nightmare.
Perhaps you thought he was the total package, a real gentlemen.  However, maybe you aren’t exactly what he’s looking for at the moment.
Maybe you’re into different things, and he’s looking for a girl who has more in common with him.
There are many factors why two people don’t click, so don’t blame yourself if you’re different from what he wants.
There’s the saying “you have to kiss a lot of frogs before you kiss your prince.”  This is also true for dating.  Sometimes you’ll have to date a lot of men before you find Mr. Right.

3) He’s not ready to date

Guys are often pushed and peer pressured to take out a pretty lady by their friends.
Maybe the guy you had a great date with just recently got out of a serious relationship.
His friends may have pressured him to take you out to get over his ex.
This doesn’t mean that he’s not into you, but rather he’s just not ready to get into something serious right now.

4) He’s seeing someone else

Yes, we all know that player who has a roster of 5+ girls that he frequently calls.
Chances are, if the guy you went out with is a charmer and handsome, he might have other ladies he’s taking out at the same time.
Take this as a sign that you’ve slipped through something that could have ended horribly.
Avoid these types and look for someone who is purely interested in you.

5) He can’t call back

Sometimes, bad things happen to people.
Maybe he had a family emergency or lost his phone.  Don’t jump to conclusions that he doesn’t like you just yet.
If a guy likes you, he’ll find a way to get in contact with you – even if it takes weeks.
Give this guy another chance if he gives you a good explanation as to why he couldn’t call you back after your date.

Most women think if a guy doesn’t call you it means he’s just not that into you.  While that’s often true, there may be other reasons as to why he hasn’t made contact with you.  Whether it be a bad date or a family emergency, the thing you should remember is this: if a guy likes you, he WILL call you.


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