5 Reasons He’s Lying To You

When asked to women, what is the most important trait you look for in a man, the answer is almost always, honesty. The trust that a woman puts into her man shows how secure and stable their relationship is.

However, men lie, and when a man starts lying a woman, it forms cracks in their relationship.

Here’s a list of the most common reasons why men lie to women.


  1. He doesn’t want to hurt you
  • This is probably the most common reason why men lie to women.

  • Maybe he cheated on you and doesn’t want you to find out because it will hurt you.

  • Or maybe his friends don’t like you, and he wants to protect you from their negativity.

  • Sometimes a guy will lie to you to protect your feelings so that you don’t feel hurt or sad.

2. He has a big ego

  • Maybe he’s interviewing for a new job position but didn’t get the job, so instead he lies to you that he did.

  • He’s embarrassed. Men don’t like having their ego bruised, so they’ll lie to make themselves look better.

  • He wants you to be proud of him, so he’ll lie or exaggerate the happenings of his life to make it seem like he’s doing great.

3. He gets away with his lies

  • Sometimes men are such good liars that they can get away with their lies.

  • Other times, it’s the women they lie to that forgive too easily.

  • When men know they can easily get away with lying and not have any consequences, there’s nothing stopping them from doing it again.

  • This turns into a cycle where they have to constantly lie to cover up another lie.

4. He’s not into you anymore

  • If he keeps avoiding you or tells you he’s busy and doesn’t have time to see you, consider the fact that this is his way of telling you he’s not into you anymore.

  • When a guy really likes you, he’ll make time to see you and talk to you even when he’s extremely busy.

  • If he’s telling you things like “not sure what time I’ll get off work” or “I probably won’t have time next week to see you”, it might mean that your relationship is going downhill.

5. He’s trying to get out of something

  • Men will often lie to get out of doing an activity or a chore.

  • They will tell lies like “I’m hanging with the guys” when you ask him to go to another chick flick film or “I already ate” when you ask him to check out the new vegan restaurant.

  • If these little white lies bug you, make sure to clear it up with him. You don’t want a vegan dish or a Jennifer Aniston film to ruin your relationship.

Men lie all the time about big things and little things. Sometime he’ll lie to avoid having a fight or hurting you. Women like to talk things through while men would rather swish problems under the carpet. It makes it easier when you understand why he’s lying and how big the lie is. That way, you can deal with it accordingly, and you can get to the bottom of why he’s lying in the first place.

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