5 Reasons Men Have Affairs


What is the deal with men and their affairs? What are the reasons for cheating, and why is it so common? With the divorce rate increasing each year, more and more men are found having affairs, with some wives having no clue their husbands are cheating. Knowing why men have affairs can help women understand and prevent their husbands from infidelity.

Here are the secrets revealed to why men have affairs.

  1. They’re emotionally unsatisfied
  • One of the main reasons why men cheat is because they feel the emotional satisfaction with their partners is lacking.

  • Emotional intimacy is an important part of a relationship, and when men feel like that connection is lost, they will look to someone else to find that connection.

  • They may find the satisfaction in an affair that they don’t have with their wife.

2. They’re physically unsatisfied

  • Another main reason for men having affairs is that they aren’t sexually satisfied in their current relationship.

  • Some couples find that that things have cooled down or their sex lives just isn’t what it used to be.

  • This is a main concern for marriages and one of the top reasons why men will start an affair to satisfy their sexual frustration.

3. They fell out of love

  • Falling out of love happens, and it is a significant reason why men will cheat on their wives.

  • When a man falls out of love with someone, the emotional connection is gone leading them to look for intimacy with someone else.

  • This may happen to the husband in a couple while the wife is still hopelessly in love.

4. They fell in love with someone else

  • Sometimes affairs just happen out of the blue.

  • Men might marry someone then meet someone else that they have a deeper connection with emotionally and physically.

  • They might not even be seeking an affair, but sometimes when they say “it just happened”, they might be telling the truth.

5. They’re looking for revenge

  • Sometimes men will have an affair to get revenge on their spouse who also had an affair.

  • A man’s ego can be easily bruised, causing him to want to get even.

  • An affair is an easy way to hurt your partner the way they hurt you.

So why do men have affairs?

Each man has his individual story and reason because each relationship is different. The main reasons are that men are both emotionally and physically unsatisfied. Knowing this, women may be able to prevent their husbands from cheating by talking about the issues in their relationship and working through it as a couple.

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