6 Great Ways To Get Your Boyfriend To Open Up

Men are different from women in the sense that they don’t show their emotions easily. Sometimes it’s easier for men to shut their emotions out. What they don’t realize is that when they’re shutting off their emotions, they’re also shutting us out of their lives.


We’re constantly wondering what they’re thinking or how they feel about us. Here are some ways to get him to open up and communicate his thoughts and feelings to you.

  • Open up to him. We often wonder what our partners are thinking but are afraid to ask or talk about it. Remember, that he feels the same way. He’s just as curious to how you feel about him or what you think about him. Open up your lines of communication by expressing your emotions first. You’ll give him a chance to feel secure and comfortable in your relationship. When a guy is comfortable and secure around you, that’s when he’ll talk.

  • Talk less. We as women naturally love to gossip and chat. However, sometimes this prevents our men from being able to express serious emotions to us because we’re constantly distracted by other things. Listen more to what he has to say instead of boring him with the latest gossip. When he knows you’re listening and focused only on him, he’ll know he has your full attention to discuss things on his mind.

  • He’s afraid. When you open up to someone, you’re telling them about your deepest secrets. You’re trusting that person with the information you value the most. When you open up to someone like that, it gives them the ability to hurt you. It makes you vulnerable to them. Perhaps he’s afraid to open up because you have the capability to hurt him. Let him know that you’re here and you’re not going anywhere to build the trust he needs to open up.

  • Hold your judgement. Try not to judge him if he can’t open up to you. It makes it harder for him to tell you how he feels when he knows you’re judging him on the execution. Instead, opt for ways to show him how much you love him. Providing a safe emotional environment for him is an important aspect of every relationship. A judgement-free household makes for a much peaceful and calmer situation.

  • Wait for him. Maybe he’s not opening up to you because he’s not there yet. You two could be on different pages in the same book. Try not to badger him about talking – wait for him to be ready. When he’s ready, he’ll open up to you.

  • Discard your expectations. Wanting someone to open up to you so you know exactly how they feel about you is going to be tough. Men don’t always know how they feel until they’re shown by their partner. Don’t expect him to open up to you right after you tell him how you feel. He’ll want to take it in and think about it for a while. Opening up to him without expecting anything in return will make him feel that you trust him, regardless of where he’s at.

Getting your man to open up to you isn’t done by a couple simple steps. It takes trust, honesty, and no pressure. Men are quick to bolt at the first signs of pressure and insecurities, so try to lessen the load by making sure he knows how you feel without judgement. Let him know your true feelings, and try not to go into it with any expectations.

Open up to him first, so he’ll know there’s a safe environment for him to open up to you when he’s ready.

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