6 Killer Dating Tips For Women

Are you tired of dating and just want to find Mr. Right?

Have you been on a string of dates that didn’t lead anywhere?


Do you struggle with the concept of dating? We come to this conclusion after going on some horrendous dates or just meeting the wrong fellas. To make the process a little easier, follow these tips to improve your love life.

  • Put yourself out there. In order to get dates, you’ve got to let people know you’re living the single life. Put yourself out there and join some dating websites. Go out to bars and meet guys there. If you’re into someone, go ahead and ask them out. You’ll never know what can happen unless you try.

  • Go after what you want. When you know what you want, you should go after it. If there’s a cute guy who works in the office downstairs, go start a conversation with him. Don’t be afraid to make moves and ask a guy out. Men are impressed by women who go after what she wants. It shows confidence and assurance in oneself.

  • Be open minded. Be open minded about your dates. Don’t expect every guy to take you to a fancy restaurant or even a restaurant at all. You never know what to really expect until you’re presented with it, so just go into the date with no expectations. You could have a great time at a barn or just having a picnic on a hill. The ideas are endless with dates, and you want to make sure that you appreciate his efforts.

  • Avoid pre-judgment. This goes hand in hand with being open minded. Try not to judge the guy if he isn’t the best talker or if he doesn’t reach for the bill at the end of the date. You don’t really know what’s going on in his life. Maybe something happened at work that prevents him from paying, and he didn’t want to cancel a night with you. That shows that he cares about your time and respects you. Avoid pre-judging the guys you meet and date. They could end up being your Mr. Perfect.

  • Don’t talk about your ex. Talking about your ex not only signals to the guy you’re on a date with that you’re not completely over your ex and you’re definitely comparing them. No man wants to be dating a girl who constantly talks about her ex. He also doesn’t want to hear about the ex on the first date. Wait until he asks you about your past relationships. Try not to talk about your ex in a bad light either – it shows you’ve got integrity and respect for others.

  • Offer to split the check. Show the guy you’re dating that you actually want to spend time with him and are not just looking for a free meal. Even if he refuses, you’re showing him that you don’t take him for granted. Once he refuses, you don’t need to continue harassing him about splitting the cheque. Just thank him gracefully and say you’ll get the next one. This way, it opens up the chances of more dates to come!

In the end, just remember that you’re both trying to make a good impression. If a guy is into you, he will find a way to see you again. Trying too hard to make things work out with a guy who’s just not really into you, comes across as desperate. Instead be confident and self assured that your date went well. If it did, he’ll call you. Try not to stress over the little things and instead, look at the big picture.

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