6 Reasons He Isn’t Feeling It

Maybe your first couple of dates went great, and you’ve been hanging out more often recently. But then, you start to hear from him less or you don’t hear from him at all. Men are special creatures, ones that women have studied for a long time through various activities and relations.

There comes a time where men suddenly lose interest, while women are still fully invested in the relationship.


Why does this happen, and why did he suddenly lost interest?

Just when things are going great, he bolts without giving you an explanation. Knowing why men lose interest may help you prevent the Houdini act that men will pull from time to time.

  • You want different things. One of the most common reasons why he’ll lose interest is because you two are looking for different things. Maybe you want something serious while he’s just looking for a casual fling. Once he finds out that you’re more of a commitment type, he might lose interest based on the reason that he’s just not on the same page you’re on. He’s not looking for a girlfriend or anything more than a hook-up, so the easy approach for him is just to fade out.

  • He’s into someone else. Men will date several girls at one time just to ensure that there’s always someone there for him. He might be too scared to approach you and tell you there’s someone else, so he’ll just stop talking to you. Maybe he’s getting serious with another woman, and she wants him to be exclusive with her. It’s hard being the side girl, but it happens to the best of us. Try to move on and consider yourself lucky that it’s ended before you got deeper in with this guy.

  • You did something wrong. When a woman decides that she’s going to stop a relationship with her guy, she knows exactly why and what flaws he has that’s made her decision. For men, it’s a little different. Men have a tough time placing which exact reason was the one that made them lose interest in a woman. However, if you do something wrong that offends him or affected him poorly, this is a sure way for him to lose interest. He’ll know the exact reason as to why he’s not into you anymore.

  • He’s not feeling it. Of course there are times when two people who used to get along just don’t anymore. Maybe he’s lost feelings for you based solely on that the chemistry isn’t there. Instead of forcing something that he doesn’t see working out, he’ll just phase you out.

  • You’re clingy. Men want a woman who’s hard to get. If you make it too easy for him, he won’t have the satisfaction of working for it. When women get clingy, men feel like they’re slowly losing space and time to their women. If you become extremely clingy, he’ll get annoyed that you’re constantly around and won’t have a chance to miss you. He’ll start to lose interest because you’re always there. Strong relationships develop with a solid and slow foundation. If you’re moving into a relationship too fast, he may feel the pressure from you and bolt as quickly at lightning.

  • You’re a crazy girl. All men love a little crazy – it keeps things interesting. However, men don’t want to settle down with a crazy. If you find yourself stalking your man or going through his phone, maybe you’re too crazy for him. When a man finds that a girl doesn’t trust him without reason or is overly jealous, he immediately thinks she’s crazy. A crazy girl is too much work for a busy man, so he may lose interest. He wants someone who’s stable and doesn’t create too much drama for him. No man wants to be surprised at home every night after work to interrogating questions from a woman who’s made a key for herself without asking him.

Yes, men are special creatures and yes, it takes time and effort to understand them. However, once you know how they think and their reasoning behind it, it’s easier to avoid him blowing you off or losing interest. Sometimes, it’s not about you, but rather what’s going on in his life that makes him unavailable. Other times, you two just might not click and he’s pushed the eject button before consulting you. Every relationship has tits reason as to why things ended. If a man loses interest in you, just believe that there will be a man out there who’s perfect for you. You’ll go through many Mr. Right Now’s to find the perfect Mr. Right.

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