6 Reasons Your Boyfriend Is Pulling Away

Some see it as pulling away, others view it as a blowoff. You wonder what happened, why he won’t respond to you, and why he’s pulling away. Ladies, sorry to say, but you’ve just been the victim of a “ghosted” situation. Understanding why he’s put you in this situation will help you avoid further instances like this. If you want to know how to never be caught in this zone again, keep reading.


  1. He’s not looking for something serious. Chances are, you’ve caught him at a bad time. Some guys are natural players, and they’re not looking to get tied down. Maybe you’re just not the hook-up type. Maybe they see you as more of girlfriend material. Either way, count yourself as lucky to have avoided the future awkward conversation of “where are we?”

  2. There’s too much pressure. Men are interesting creatures. The minute they feel pressured to do something, they bolt. This is especially true in starting relationships. Guys like having the upper hand – that way it’s on their terms of how fast or slow the relationship moves. When you’ve reached that point where you either continue dating or stop completely, the guy feels pressured to make a decision. If there’s too much pressure, he might just bail completely.

  3. He’s not into you anymore. There comes a point where you’ve found out everything you want to know about the person you’re dating. You either like all the qualities, or you start to pick apart their personality and everything they do or say. Just like when you get to know a new friend or coworker, there will be things you like about them and things you don’t. In a relationship, guys will sometimes overlook the positive traits and only think about the negative. When they get caught up in their head thinking about these negative traits, they often lose feelings for the girl.

  4. He’s distracted or busy. Believe it or not, but guys can actually be busy. Maybe he’s got a family emergency or loaded with work. In all cases, you should be understanding and realistic. If he’s getting back to your messages letting you know he’ll be off the map for a while, give him a break. After his busy schedule, he’ll make time to see you again. However, if he just drops off the face of the planet then comes back to you a couple weeks later, demand a better explanation than just “I was busy.”

  5. You’ve changed or he’s changed. People are allowed to change, and sometimes they do it without even knowing. Maybe you were on your best behaviour when you first started dating, and now you’ve let go. Obviously he wasn’t expecting you to stay the same forever, but if you’ve made some drastic changes in your relationship, he might see you differently. Say when you first met, you were a huge party girl and super outgoing. Now that you’ve been dating for a while, all you want to do is stay in and be a couch potato. Instead of communicating with you about how he feels, it might seem easier to him to just drop you.

  6. You’re being too clingy. Yes, we know you like him a lot and want to spend any time you have available with him. However, leave some mystery and imagination to your relationship. Being overly clingy may annoy him. As much as he likes spending time with you, he also likes his time alone and with his friends. A guy might “ghost” you if he thinks he’s got a crazy on his hands and will be easier to just not talk to you anymore. Respect his space and don’t go too fast on this new relationship.


When you’ve been blown off by a guy or feel like he’s pulling away, there might be one or more reasons he’s feeling this way. When a guy feels pressured or uncomfortable in a situation, rather than talk about their feelings, they’ll just split. Noticing your man is pulling away can help you try to repair your relationship, and get it back on track. You never want to be on the victim end of a “ghosted” situation, so it’s best to talk about the root of the problem. If he doesn’t want to talk about it, he’s probably not worth it.

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