6 Ways To Get Any Man To Notice You

The beginning stages of a crush can be a lot of fun. However, it can also be frustrating if the guy you like isn’t giving you attention you’re craving. Turn his head around with these steps, and wait for the romance to begin!


  1. Flirt, flirt, flirt!
  • Here’s a chance for you to put those flirting moves into motion! Those practice moves you’ve pulled on your friends can now be put to good use.

  • Show him some initiative by starting a conversation and displaying your witty side.

  • Guys love some well-placed, female attention – it makes them feel good about themselves.

  • Continuing to flirt with him shows that you’re fun and that you’re interested in him.

  • So smile, laugh, and flirt away until he gets the point and starts flirting back.

2. Ask him for help

  • Men love feeling needed, so go ahead and play the damsel in distress.

  • A gentleman never refuses a lady asking for help, and they love coming to your rescue.

  • Ask him to help move a heavy box for you or to put some shelves together. It’s also a way of showing him you think he’s strong and manly.

  • A boost of confidence for him also puts you in his good books.

3. Look him in the eye

  • Men like women who are confident and know what they want.

  • When you’re talking to him, don’t shy away from looking at him.

  • Instead, look him directly in the eyes. This shows that you’re interested in the conversation, and you’re not afraid to approach him.

  • Looking someone in the eye also makes them notice you more often which is always a bonus!

4. Leave an air of mystery

  • Mysterious people have always generated curiosity from me…as I’m sure it does to others as well.

  • There’s something about not knowing anything about someone that leaves you just wanting to know more about that person.

  • Don’t lay everything on the table. Instead, leave an air of mystery around you – it will definitely spark his interest and attention.

  • Leave him wanting a little bit more every time you have an encounter.

5. Look hot

  • A sure way to get a man’s attention is to look hot.

  • Spend a couple extra minutes on your makeup and hair and maybe show a little skin.

  • Remember, looking hot means knowing how to dress for your body type and looking classy while doing it. It doesn’t mean donning the tightest top you own and a mini skirt.

  • Looking great is half about appearance and half about the way you carry yourself.

  • You’ve got to have the confidence and carry yourself gracefully as well as look amazing.

  • Confidence makes you that much more attractive in a man’s eyes.

6. Be available

  • Nowadays we’re taught that being unavailable is attractive and makes a man want you more. This isn’t exactly true.

  • If you’re constantly unavailable, then how are you supposed to land this amazing guy without going out with him?

  • A guy might ask you out once or twice, but each time you say no, it will be a blow to his confidence.

  • If you’re into a guy, say yes and be available when he asks you out.

  • If you’re really not available, then suggest another time you two could go out.

  • Remember, dating is a two way street.

Have fun with getting a guy’s attention, and don’t take it too seriously. First, make sure to let them know you’re interested, and this is easily done with some harmless flirtation. Once a guy knows you’re interested, he will make a move if he’s into you. The deal with guys is this: if a guy wants to be with you, he will find a way to make it known. So don’t stress too much about it, and just enjoy yourself!

These tips will work well to get a guy’s attention, but he’ll be focusing on your personality once you get his attention. Make sure to always be yourself, and if he’s worth the trouble, he’ll realize that you’re worth it too.

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