7 Great Ways To Get Him To Notice You

Do you have a new crush, but find it hard for him to notice you? Do you want him to come and strike up a conversation? Sometimes all it takes is a few smiles and eye contact, but other times, guys are so oblivious that you’ve got to try another tactic.

Here are a couple of easy and simple tips to get your crush’s attention. Remember to have fun and be yourself in everything you do.

  • Make him see you. How do you get your crush to notice you? Make him see you! Walk in front of him or stand by the coffee machine that he always uses. The more he sees you, the more likely you two will start talking.

  • Smile at him. One sure way to get your crush’s attention is to smile at him. When you smile, it’s telling him that you’re approachable and outgoing. He’ll be more inclined to talk to you because you’ll seem like you’re an easy person to talk to. Smiling also shows that you’re open and at ease, which will encourage him to approach you.

  • Eye contact. This is very important ladies! Make eye contact with your crush – but make sure to not stare. Look over at him until you make eye contact and then look away quickly. Then peek back for another look. This shows your interest but doesn’t make you look like a stalker. It’s also a way of telling him to come talk to you.

  • Flirt with him. What are men always looking for? Someone to flirt with. Flirting is harmless and fun especially if you know what you’re doing. Laugh and giggle at his jokes, and touch his arm to break the contact barrier. Flirting will show you’re interested and also that you know how to have fun. A flirtatious woman will always get a man’s attention.

  • Compliment him. Maybe he made a great presentation or you’ve seen him make a great shot at basketball. Go up, and tell him how great he did. Men always appreciate a good compliment. It’s a boost to their ego, and they’ll always think of you in a positive light. It also tells him that you were paying attention to him, thereby creating interest on his part.

  • Be amazing. People always notice that person who’s good at everything and always on top of their game. Be a brilliant lab partner, or create an interesting marketing presentation. Whatever your field is, be exceptional in it. He’ll notice you because you stand out and will never think of you as average.

  • Be silly. A man can’t resist a good joke or a playful girl. If you’re at the beach, throw water balloons at him or have an impromptu food fight at a picnic. This shows your playful and spontaneous side which are qualities men love. It also gives him a chance to get close to you. Maybe he’ll throw you in the water or use his finger to get the cookies dough off your lips. You never know what can escalate from a good food fight.

There are always things you can do to get your crush to notice you. Remember, all men are different so you may have to switch it up depending on what type of guy your crush is. If he’s shy, you might have to be more outgoing and forward. If he’s the aggressive, type A personality guy, he’ll enjoy some flirting and playfulness. Always have fun with it, smile, and be yourself. He’ll notice that you’re being yourself, and that’s the most attractive quality a woman can possess.

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