7 Ways To Get Your Boyfriend To Commit

Have you been dating a guy who is a commitment-phobe? Are you wondering why your guy won’t have the talk with you or take things to the next level?

A majority of girls feel this way when starting a new relationship or dating someone new. Most of the time, it’s the guy, but sometimes a girl’s actions could be pushing her guy away or telling him she’s not the girl he wants to commit to.


Learn the secrets of how to get your guy to ditch all the other women and commit to only you.

  1. Be the prize
  • Men want to be with a woman they’re proud of. They want to be with a “prize”, so to speak.

  • Men want to be able to show you off and brag about you to all his friends.

  • In order to be the prize, you have to bring your A-game. Make an effort every time you see him. Look good, smell nice, and be fit. That’s the basics that all men are looking for.

  • When he’s found the right woman, he’ll start to think of how their future looks together. He wants to make sure that she’s the best, and she’ll give him the best.

  • Getting your guy to commit depends on how he feels about you, so give it your all in taking good care of yourself. Trust me ladies, he’ll notice.

2. Build him up

  • Men are known for their big egos and pride. When you build up his confidence, it not only makes him feel good about himself but also makes him thankful towards you.

  • You’ll be the one he looks forward to sharing about the experiences of his day because you’ll be the one he’ll look to for reassurance.

  • When you make him feel amazing about himself, he’ll naturally feel good when he’s around you.

3. Be easy-going

  • A man wants a no drama, fuss-free type of woman. He wants someone who’s easy-going and nice to just hang around with.

  • This makes him feel comfortable because he won’t be on edge around you.

  • When a man feels comfortable, he’ll be himself, and he’ll love being around someone who he can be himself with.

4. Don’t be clingy

  • A man wants a woman who has her own life, her own friends, her own goals. He wants to know that the woman he’s dating doesn’t just orbit him and his life.

  • Being clingy towards him and doing whatever he wants you to do tells him that you’ll always be around no matter what. Why would he commit when he’s already getting everything he wants and needs?

  • Be the challenge and live your own life. Men like a challenge, and if you’re a woman who is harder to tie down, he’ll chase after you.

5. Hold the power

  • Be an independent woman, and make sure your man treats you with respect.

  • Make him earn your time and trust. You’re just as amazing as he is, and he needs to know that.

  • If he does something wrong or starts lacking in the commitment department, don’t go and try to win him back. If you do this, you’re telling him “I’ll do anything for you even if you continue to mess up.” You’re giving him the power, and he doesn’t deserve it when he’s in the wrong.

  • He needs to realize that he can lose you and that you’re irreplaceable.

  • Once he realizes this, he’ll run back faster than ever.

6. Be different

  • To be the woman who makes a man commit, you need to stand out from the crowd.

  • A player will always like one girl more than all the other ones, and he’ll spend more time and effort with her.

  • You want to be that one girl who’s different from all the others.

  • To be this girl, don’t give everything away all at once. Leave things to the imagination and make him really work for it. Try not to create drama and have an air of mystery around you. He’ll be so curious and drawn in that he’ll forget about all the other women.

7. Share how you feel

  • Sometimes a man is afraid of committing because he isn’t sure if his partner wants to commit.

  • We all think that men don’t have feelings, but they do and they’re also scared of getting hurt.

  • Sharing how you feel with your man will make him understand that you both want to commit and start a relationship together.

Commitment is a tough issue when it comes to men. Some love being with one person, but others find it hard to be monogamous. To make your guy commit, he needs to be himself around you and see a future with you. Be different from all the other women and stand out from the crowd. Men want to be with a woman who knows herself and is confident. He doesn’t want a dramatic, clingy girl who follows him wherever he goes. Live your own life, and he’ll learn to treat you with respect. By making him work for it, he’ll feel like a winner once he finally earns your commitment.

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