8 Effective Methods To Get Him To Kiss You

You’ve just had a great first date with the new guy you’ve been seeing. He walks you home, and it’s the perfect moment for your first kiss. Not sure if he’ll lean in for it?

Here are a couple tips to make sure that he will.


  • Draw attention to your mouth. Whether you’re on a date or just hanging out, if you want a guy to kiss you, draw attention to your mouth. Eat something like chocolate or strawberries, and bite into it in front of him. Lick your lips, and put lip balm on it to keep it moisturized. By drawing attention to your mouth, you’re telling him to notice your lips. Once he sees this, he’ll think of nothing else but planting one on you.

  • Touch him. Break the barrier and slightly touch his arm during your date. If you do it subtly, it won’t be obvious to everyone around you but will be noticeable to him. He’ll get more comfortable putting his arm around you or holding your waist. This is almost like an invitation for him to kiss you later.

  • Look into his eyes and at his lips. This should always do the trick. When a woman is looking into a man’s eyes and then lowering her gaze to his lips, she’s basically saying “kiss me.” If she’s doing this several times, she really wants a kiss. Try this trick when you have the perfect moment for a kiss. Get in close and look up at his eyes then to his lips. If he’s catching the clue, he’ll lean in for it.

  • Get closer to him. When you’re decreasing the distance between you and your guy, he’ll appreciate the effort you’re making. What man doesn’t want a woman he likes to get closer to him? Getting close to him also shows that you’re not scared or intimidated by a him – a trait that will show him you’re looking forward to something more. A kiss is the likely next step he’ll take to guarantee something more.

  • Drop hints. An easy way to get him to kiss you is to drop hints everywhere. Say things like “I think it’s so romantic to make out in the rain” or “I love kissing in the snow.” These phrases show him that you’ve got kissing on the mind. You’re also letting him know when and where you like to be kissed. If you talk about kissing in the rain when it’s raining, he might just make the move to make it happen.

  • Ask him. Playfully ask him when he’s going to kiss you or say you think he’s a better kisser than so and so. By bringing up the topic of kissing, you’re inserting this thought into his mind. He won’t be able to stop thinking about kissing you until he does. It’s a sure way to get him to kiss you because he’ll know at this point that you want him to.

  • Wait. During a first date, there’s always that point at the end where there might be a chance of a kiss. If you’ve had a great date, wait a bit before parting. He’ll take this as a sign that you want him to kiss you. Men know what’s supposed to happen at the end of dates, so by waiting, you’re letting him know it’s okay for him to kiss you.

  • Kiss him. Sometimes guys can be really oblivious. It’s times like these to take matters into your own hands. If you feel like kissing him, go for it. If you’ve been reading the situation correctly, he’ll definitely kiss you back.

When it comes to the first kiss, a man won’t make a move until he’s sure you want him to. Let him know you want him to kiss you by using these tips. Some are more obvious than others, but with a combination, you two will be kissing in no time!

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