8 Ways To Get The Boyfriend You Want

Are you done with living the single life?

Do you want someone special to spend all your time with?

Are all your friends coupled up?


Every girl at some point wants to spend her time with a significant other, and it doesn’t take to moving the heavens to make that happen. If you’re looking for a boyfriend, there are several things you can do to increases your chances of finding a beau.

  • Put yourself out there. To land a boyfriend, you’ve got to let people know you’re single. Tell your friends, family, and coworkers. Tell everyone you know. Chances are, one person will know someone who they think might be a good match for you.

  • Go on dates. You’re not going to be able to find a boyfriend if you don’t go out and date. Say yes when guys ask you out, even if you don’t think they’d be the one. Who knows, they may surprise you, and you two could hit it off. Give every guy a chance because you never know what they could bring on the table.

  • Don’t expect Mr. Perfect. Girls have these unrealistic expectations when it comes to men. They think that every man has the potential to be prince charming. Sorry to break your bubble, but no guy is perfect. He’ll always have flaws, but he’ll also have amazing qualities. Focus on the positive traits and ignore the negative ones. You’ll have a much larger pool of men to choose from.

  • Know what you like. Attraction is important. Know who you find attractive and who you just can’t see yourself dating. There’s no harm in refusing someone if you don’t find them attractive. Know what you like and what you want. If you start dating someone you don’t find attractive, your relationship probably won’t last very long.

  • Smile. Guys are attracted to women who look happy. They don’t want to be dating a grumpster. Smile and laugh more, and you’ll receive more male attention. If you see a cute guy, smile at him. That way, you seem approachable and he’s more likely to ask you out.

  • Go on dating websites. Nowadays, the dating world is changing. There’s less of meeting someone organically and more of meeting someone through the Web. Put yourself on a couple of dating websites, and see how each one does. There’s no harm, and you’ll be increasing the amount of people you meet. There’s a huge likelihood that you’ll find a boyfriend on a dating website because all the men on there are also looking for a girlfriend.

  • Make the first move. It’s completely acceptable and even attractive when women go after what they want. If you see a cute guy or are interested in someone, go make the first move. They’ll appreciate your forwardness, and it can move the relationship quicker. If they’re interested in you back, awesome! If not, move on to the next.

  • Don’t settle. Don’t settle for less than you deserve. Stick true to your standards. If a guy doesn’t meet them, don’t worry because someone will. Sticking true to yourself and what you deserve is attractive. It shows that you believe you’re worth something, and if you see yourself like that, men will too. Plus, when you find someone who meets your standards, they’ll feel good that they’re worth it.

There are significant things you can do in order to increase your chances on finding a boyfriend. Every girl is able to land a boyfriend if she wants. As long as you have the right attitude and go about it the proper way, you can easily land a great guy. Just make sure to put yourself out there, meet lots of guys, and don’t settle for less. The perfect guy is out there, you just have to wait until you find him!

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