Sweet, Creative Ways These Guys Asked Girls Out


Ah, The Dating Game

Asking a girl out isn’t easy. What if she says “NO!” Just one mistake and you’ll never get another chance with that girl.

But some guys really go out of their ways to improve their chances.


1. Forgetful Lucy
Lucy works at Starbucks as a Barista. There was a guy who came in everyday to order a coffee from her. Everyday she would ask him for his name. One day he came out with his line. “Hey, when your shift is over why don’t I come by and we’ll go out for a coffee? That way you can get to know me better and you won’t have to ask me for my name everyday!” She agreed. He ordered his coffee, made his payment and Lucy said, “What’s your name, I need to write it on your cup?”


2. Cute White Lie
Some friends from different offices in the area arranged to meet after work, including the hero of this story. A pretty office worker asked him what time everyone was getting together. He casually told her 5:30. She arrived a late but saw him sitting alone at a table. Thinking everyone was running behind she sat with him. They started talking, laughing, getting to know each other.
It was almost 7:00 when their friends started arriving. She asked why everyone was so late. Our hero confessed. She was quick to forgive his little lie and agreed to a more formal date the next day.



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