Unique Wedding Day Photos! One Of A Kind

What Is Going On Here??

Wedding days are special for brides, grooms, family and friends. But there is something weird that happens on these special days when a wedding photographer and the happy couple start taking pictures. An amateur wedding photographer with some amateur Photoshop skills, or strange ideas for staging, can be very dangerous. In the following pages you will see the results of what happens when a photographer, excited in-laws and the happy couple agree that something “Is a great idea for a picture!


The Happy Couple Plus One


Can’t you just imagine the photographer saying, “I’ve got an idea. Why don’t you sit in the hatchback of your car and look like you are playing accordion with Uncle Bruce?” It looks like Uncle Bruce is the only one with his fingers on the accordion keys and buttons.

I’m sure the bride grew up dreaming of the day she could air-band accordion at her wedding!


Leopard Print?


They look happy.

It takes a real man (dad?) to wear leopard to his daughters wedding.

Who’s idea was this?? (probably not hers)

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