Unique Wedding Day Photos! One Of A Kind

Everyone On The Dock


Okay everyone, let’s get the entire wedding party onto the dock and I’ll take a shot“.

This isn’t bad use of Photoshop, but perhaps there should have been a little more planning or testing.

How much did that wedding dress cost?

Yawn And Bombed


The photographer taking those candid shots, waiting for those perfect moments that make the couple look so happy!

They seem to have captured that perfect moment when the groom was yawning and the bride is up for anything, or ready for a nap!


Bridesmaids Will Do Almost Anything For Their Bride


Besides buying any dress (good or bad) that the bride suggests, bridesmaids will do almost anything to make the day right.

In this photo you can just imagine what creative genius made this suggestion.

This is one of those special pictures that the girl looking down at the sand will treasure for a lifetime.

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