Shocking Online Dating Sites That Actually Exist, But Probably Shouldn’t

Singles With Food Allergies

From their website: “Singles with Food Allergies allows people from across the country to date, communicate, and develop lasting relationships based around the food allergy.” Not too sure that your food allergy should be the foundation and bedrock of your romantic lifelong relationship?


Darwin Dating

Their website description: “Darwin Dating. … Open to those 18 to 35 years old only … As a dating website that caters solely to ‘beautiful’ people.” If you are really “that beautiful” you should do pretty well on regular dating sites. This site has a quiz that is absurd. Even the creator admits he started this as a joke. You post a picture and the beautiful people vote to see whether you are allowed in their club, or not.

UPDATE: the site was recently sold for less than $3K and has been taken down.



Here’s their pitch: “The fatter you are, the better as far as the members on this site are concerned. Girls like a guy who has got presence and men love a cuddly lass. Whoever you are, whatever you’re weight, if you’re considered fat, lazy or overweight (even better if it’s all three of these things!) then sign up with Fat Bastard Dating today for your chance at love and dating online.

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