The 5 Things That Attract Men

What do men find attractive?  Women often believe that men are only attracted to beauty and a great body but that isn’t completely true.  Women can be undeniably attractive, but more traits are usually involved if a man is attracted by a woman.  The way a woman carries herself can have a huge impact on how a man looks at her.

Men have different tastes and are attracted to different things and different women, but these commonalities are key in an attractive woman.


1) Beauty

A pretty obvious fact, men are attracted to beautiful women.  However beauty is perceived differently by different men.
A gorgeous girl might attract some men but not others.  Some men prefer exotic beauties while others prefer classic looking women.
There are billions of women in the world and at least one that will be attractive to every male.

2) Hot Body

Having a fit or hot body will definitely score you major points in the attraction scale.
Men prefer ladies who are more fit and curvy than someone who is super skinny or overweight.
This is due to science.  Men subconsciously look for women who have larger hips and are more curvy because that shows the woman is fertile and able to bear his children.
This can be done at the gym with squats and different types of waist training.

3) Confidence

Men love women who are confident.
A woman who radiates confidence shows that she knows what she wants and how to get it.
Men like woman who can take charge and make her own decisions but at the same time be vulnerable and feminine.
A confident woman also shows the man that she knows she’s attractive and can thrive in any social setting without feeling insecure.
When a woman is confident, she’s secure in her skin and doesn’t need a man to constantly reassure her that she’s looking good.

4) Smile

One way to attract a man is to smile and laugh.  This shows him that you can be silly, humorous, and have a social life.
A smile also shows that you’re approachable and nice to be around.
Men want women who are easy-going, which makes them easy to be with.
A nice smile with straight, white teeth also shows you have great genetics, something all of us look for in a partner.

5) Playful

A woman who can be silly and playful is attractive to a man because it shows him that she can have a good time.
A playful girl is not always super serious and is more likely to laugh at his jokes and play along.
A woman who knows how to flirt and can get a man’s attention is very attractive.  She can spice things up and have a playful, witty banter.
Flirting also shows that a woman is giving the man attention, which prompts the man to be attracted to the lady he’s flirting back with.

Those are the 5 major factors that men find attractive.  Men can be attracted to countless things that women don’t know about.  The advice to take from this is be yourself.  Don’t change yourself to mold into a woman you think men want to be with.  Instead, highlight your natural attributes and be more secure in your own skin.  Confidence is key to winning a man over and being attractive.


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