Ridiculously Expensive Valentine’s Gifts

#18: Gilded Age Valentine Day Card

Price: $5K
Gilded Age Greetings creates unique, couture Valentine’s card crafted by hand. Customize your personal touch for your Valentine. Precious stones and 23k
gold included. Enclosed in a tassel-bound silk box and presented with a pair of white gloves for the “giftor”. (you can see the white gloves tucked in the pouch above)



ferar#17: Ferrari Ascent Ti Cell Phone

Price: $9,650
This cellular phone comes with a hand-stitched leather case and horse logo found in the interior of all Ferraris.


fenbag#16: Fendi 24-Carat Gold Python Bag

Price: $36,000
This Fendi handbag is a python frame bag that has been dipped in 24-carat gold.

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