Women Who Took Revenge On Their Cheating Ex’s

Beware The Angry Woman!

A famous quote: Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. When a man cheats or lies to a woman there will be consequences. We scoured the internet to find examples of how some empowered women who extracted their revenge. We can’t comment on the legality of what these women did.

We can say: The following pages should be a lesson for all men. You never know what is truly going on in a woman’s mind. Don’t make us mad!


Here’s an example of a beautiful Porsche driven by a guy who didn’t understand female justice.



Tonight On Sports Center


They were going to the game together. When she found out what he had done she went to the game without him. What a brilliant way to get her message to him, and anyone who knows them!


They Tag Teamed Him


These girls got together and bought a vinyl sign. They hung it on the overpass where he couldn’t help but see it on his way to work every day. No details on how long they left the sign up. Or whether Steve “the cheater” found a new route to work.

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